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Feed MT Anderson by M.T. Anderson

February 9, 2011
By Anonymous

What would you say if you were connected to the Internet 24/7? There is a chip called Feed that is implanted in your brain when you are born, it grows with you so it learns all of your body functions. If you get the chip installed late it could malfunction. But this chip can make your thoughts appear right in front of you. This chip allows you to have all the knowledge of the world in your head. Since you don’t need to learn about subjects in school instead you go to learn how to use the Feed. This is the World that a high school boy named Titus, came to know. Titus was your average, every day American guy. He, (like everyone else he knew) gets everything he needs off feed, like latest trends and styles or even the newest cars... He never once questioned the mysterious lesions that everyone now seems to be getting these days. Or the fact that everyone is losing the ability to read or write, He merely just ‘goes with the flow.’ That is, until he met a girl named Violet on a spring break vacation with his friends to the moon. Violet opens Titus's eyes to the falling apart world that they live in. The book, "Feed", by M.T. Anderson, is the story of a girl who challenges the world that Titus grew up in. She is a girl who wants to make a difference.

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