Chasing the High by Kyle Keegan

February 7, 2011
By Hersheydog1326 GOLD, Fairfield, Connecticut
Hersheydog1326 GOLD, Fairfield, Connecticut
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The book “Chasing the High” fallows the author Kyle Keegan, a teen-age full-blown heroin addict. The theme of this story is to never give up on a challenge. When Kyle first becomes an addict he does nothing bit let this challenge dig him deeper and deeper into its hole.
One challenge that Kyle faces is peer-pressure. In the book Kyle had felt the power of peer-pressure at a very young age. Kyle tells us that one of the main reasons he started drugs was because of peer pressure or just merely trying to fit in. If Kyle did not give into peer pressure (Did not give up on challenge) he would have dodged all the other changes that were set into place by this one.
Another challenge that the protagonist faces is going to jail. During this time period Kyle begins to realize what he had done to his life. He notices that all this time he has just been putting his life in danger and not even bothering to see what was right in front of him. Right then, when he realizes what was happening to him, he succeeded in beating the challenge. This is because the first step to becoming sober (clean) is admitting to yourself that you have a problem, which he did.
Kyle also faces this challenge, going to rehab. After Kyle notices his addiction he goes to rehab. Only one out of twelve people will/can become sober. Becoming sober is very hard for an addict. This is because the drug of choice has already affected the brain and so the memory box will continue to urge the addict to use. This was most likely one of the hardest challenges Kyle had to face.
Everyone will face a major challenge in their life, but that does not mean that everyone would fail. If you give up on one thing it could lead to a harder thing in the future. Whenever I am facing a challenge I always try my best and if I fail to succeed that’s ok because I tried and I will be ready for the next time. So never give up and soon you will reach your goal.

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