The Giver by Louis Lowry

February 7, 2011
By , Bronx, NY
If you think living in the real world is tough, imagine living in Jonas' world. Jonas lives in a black and white community filled with rules, where they assign jobs and spouses,a place with no technology, animals, or freedom. I would not recommend this book to anyone who doesn't like cliff-hangers. This books ending was unclear and in my opinion suckish. They didn't elaborate on Jonas' fate. I think this book needs more clarity. The Giver is a book of "sameness", euthanasia, and one boys' journey into the life of "Receiving". "Sameness."In their world barely anyoneis different from each other. Everything is one color, the climate doesn't change and you practically do the samething every single day.

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Medina D. said...
Feb. 23, 2011 at 8:35 pm

hmm...............i had to read the book for school and i think the book was more then just sameness and no differences. i liked the book, and i disagree when you said the ending didn't have clarity. i think the end gave readers hope and allowed their minds to wander upon what could possibly happen in Jonas' future (there's also 2 following books after giver to answer that question)

i think the point of the book wasn't just to drone on about how boring and lifeless Jonas' world is but ... (more »)

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