Edge. by Jeffery Deaver

January 31, 2011
On the Edge

Jefferey Deaver’s novel Edge is a psychological thriller that will give you a new look at the thriller genre. If you like mind boggling thrillers and detective stories, this is a book for you. Deaver throws so many twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat, you won’t ever want to put it down.

Deaver takes Corte, a Strategic Protection Department officer, into a game of cat and mouse against one of the best hitters in the U.S. named Henry Loving. Henry is trying to get important information from police detective Ryan Kessler, and its Corte’s job to keep Ryan and his family in safety. But at the same time he needs to trap Henry into FBI custody. That is a very difficult task for Corte and his fellow officers because Henry is so elusive with what he does. Corte enjoys all strategic board games, and it shows in his passion to capture Loving.

Edge is a great book that will take the readers away from their life for a moment as they get into Corte’s exciting occupation. Written in first person makes it easy to understand and feel the emotions of Corte. It is full of suspense, action, and conflict. Deaver plans the plot perfectly winding around making it nearly impossible for Henry to be stopped. And the conflicts between the Kessler family makes it even more interesting. The best parts of the book are when Corte and Henry Loving meet face to face making the suspense rise in the reader’s stomach. It is truly a thrill ride.

If you want a great suspense novel, or just want to read a new type of story, Edge is the book for you. It deserves 3 out of 4 stars, and I would recommend it to anyone in their late teens or above. It is more of a guy’s type of book but women would also enjoy it. Keeping you on the edge of your seat with an intersting psychological thrill is Egde.

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