Drums, girls, and dangerous pie. by Jordan Sonnenblick

January 31, 2011
By Miss.K SILVER, Earlham, Iowa
Miss.K SILVER, Earlham, Iowa
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Heart is broken, soul is closed, feelings spoken, nothing left... I dont see myself tomorrow without you...Cant move on without you...But i know one thing for sure, wherever you are, i will always be in your heart and i will always be waiting for you.

Steven is a middle-school boy (he is in 8th grade) who has almost normal for a teenager life. He plays drums in high school band, he has a crush on the "hottest" girl in 8th grade, and also has a kind of crazy family life. Little Jeffery is only four. To him, his older brother Steve is an idol. Jeffery follows him everywhere, which is "not cool" for a teenager, and annoys him a lot.
However, suddenly, like a thunder on a sunny day, Jeffery feels sick, and later on, family finds out he has a liquemia... The life of Steven changed so fast. "The thing I couldn't believe was how this cancer thing turned whole planet upside down in one day..." - thinks Steven again and again. He now lives in a half-reality. He is a "walking zombie", neither dead, nor alive. All his thoughts are only about little Jeffery whose life is on the wreck of death.
They say, the life of a cancer-deseased patient is hard, no doubt. But how about his/her family? Parents? Brothers? Sisters? Friends? Life of Steven is no less of a nightmare than Jeffery's who doesn't even understand what is wrong with him...
This had been lasting for one year. Whole year. You must be strong to cope with all the same pain over and over again, every day, all year long.
And in the end, little Jeffery died. He hasn't lived his full life yet, hasn't seen his brother's middle school graduation, hasn't come to Steve's concert, hasn't heard the last song that Steven wrote for him...and it's already over.
This sad book is a message to us, healthy people, from a boy, whose brother got lequemia. Who gave up everything just to be with Jeffery. Who, also, never gave up hope. This book, probably, won't have a happy ending, but at least will teach us to be strong. Because when it comes to the line between life and death, we are stronger than we think.

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piggie said...
on Mar. 21 2011 at 8:09 am
best book ever


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