Stalker Girl by Rosemary Graham

January 25, 2011
By sgt._peppers_herself SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
sgt._peppers_herself SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
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In this moving book wrote in third-person perspective. There are three parts in the story about a young adult girl named Carly living in New York. The first part is a flash forward for some of what happens to Carly after her obsessive stalking. In the second part it shows the build-up to what leads to Carly's obsessive stalking. Carly is going through a lot right before the summer going into senior year; her mom and her mom's boyfriend are going through a tough breakup after living in monogamy for a long time. Carly had the decision of going to her father's house out of state for the summer, or going to work at the camp with her mom to make extra money for a home. Carly eventually decides that she will go work at the camp (sorry to ruin it, but you won't understand this next part). While working there she starts to become closer with a guy named Brian and they become a couple. When they get back to their separate cities in New York, far a part from each other, they find it difficult to spend time together. Carly then becomes anxious, worried, and paranoid about what Brian might be up to. Then, he brakes up with her. Part three, Carly finds out about Brian's new girlfriend, Taylor, and slowly becomes obsessed in finding out why Brian would leave her for this new girl. She then takes it to a whole other level, making her go crazy mentally and neglecting her priorities. This will have you exposed between the fine line from curious to stalker.

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