39 Clues: Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan

January 24, 2011
By StandingACE23 BRONZE, Rapid City, Michigan
StandingACE23 BRONZE, Rapid City, Michigan
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The 39 Clues: The Maze of Bones By: Rick Riordan

Imagine being part of a family with some of the most famous people in the world in their blood. Now Imagine you being on the low side of that family. Amy and Dan Cahill are on the low side of the most famous family in the world. They live with their aunt who is the strictest and meanest person on their street. Their grandmother Grace Cahill has died from cancer and Dan and Amy are invited to her funeral. When Dan and Amy arrive, they encounter all of their family. The whole family is called into a room with a projector. As the whole family watches and listens to what Grace had to say, they are told they have a choice to ether take a one million dollar check or watch their check get burned and start a hunt for 39 clues and have a chance to control the world. All of the rich and snotty family members accept the challenge and watch as one million dollars are burned to ashes. Dan and Amy sit and discuss intensively about if they will join the hunt and have a chance for world control. Of course greed has taken over Amy and Dan’s aunt she runs out the door like a bullet leaving the barrel of a gun. She stops and watches in anger as Dan and Amy go up to the butler and give him the million dollar check to burn.

The hunt begins as Dan and Amy get their first hint to the first clue. Everybody scrambles to find the first clue except for Amy and Dan. Dan noticed a family tree that shows different emblems of each side of the family. As Dan and Amy leave the mansion after escaping arson on the mansion, they convince their guardian Nellie to keep an eye on them and basically become their parent. Dan and Amy have no idea where to start to find the first clue. Knowing they have put their lives in jeopardy, they would have to constantly be on the move. While Amy and Dan are in France they have a life threatening conflict between their physically fit enemies the Holts, Dan almost loses his life to a bone-crushing strangle. I highly encourager this book to readers who like adventure, mysteries, violence, and some intense scenes in a story.

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