The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

January 23, 2011
What defines a book? Is it the setting, the plot, the intertwined storyline; what makes a book truly remarkable?

The Alchemist by Paul Coelho is by far and beyond the definition of an extraordinary book. Following the adventures of an Andalusian shepherd Santiago, Coelho takes us on a magical journey as Santiago attempts to find a hidden treasure in the depths of Egypt. Aided by an old king and a few omens along the way, he eventually discovers the true meaning of the treasure that he is looking for. From the breathtaking visual setting to the free-flowing words that seem to instantly connect from page to page, Coelho has certainly outdone himself. Also, the refined elements of simplicity contrasted with a simply beautiful crafted piece of literature, The Alchemist not only appeals to people of all ages, but is also a metaphor of life. This masterpiece created by Coelho himself should be recommended to everybody, as the morals and principles it illuminates will shine on for the years to come.

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