Romiette And Julio by Sharon M. Draper

January 20, 2011
By Anonymous

Book Review

"Gripping romantic adventure sure to keep (readers) turning pages until the end." -Voya

"Draper has given readers a pair of intriguing, unusual protagonist with the sort of real thoughts and feelings that will make this interracial story satisfying." -Booklist
These comments were about the novel Romiette and Julio. However, would you risk your life for someone you love? Would you ever get to know someone on the internet, and meet them at your school the next day? Well these 2 characters sure did. This lead tells how good the book is, and how the questions I asked related to what Romiette and Julio did in the book. Romiette and Julio, a book written by Sharon M. Draper, that got numerous reviews, should be praised.

Romiette and Julio, gets a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. I think the overall idea was excellent, but some of the things written in the book weren’t very interesting. The genre in my opinion of this book is realistic fiction because being threatened by a gang about who you go out with. Mostly happens in this world nowadays. What i like is that you can compare this book to the real Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, but it's reversed in Sharon M. Draper's book. Romiette is a girl and Julio is a boy. My dislikes are that the book got boring in the first half while in the second half it got very interesting.

Romiette and Julio, a sensational novel, written by the popular author Sharon M. Draper is an urban Romeo and Juliet. Romiette is an African American girl and Julio is a Mexican American boy. In an urban city in Cincinnati two complete strangers conversate through a teen chat room. Until 1 day they talk, and find out they go to the same school! Curious Romiette and Julio meet, but get threatened by a dangerous adolescent gang called "The Family." The petrified Romiette and Julio have no one to turn to, but they're friends Ben and Destiny. Romiette and Julio want to catch "The Family" in they're threatening act to get them in trouble. With the help from Ben and Destiny. Will they succeed, or will they get caught? This book is a must read!

The theme of the book is nothing can stop love. I think this because even though "The Family" threatens Julio and Romiette. They still love each other, and don't care for others opinion. For example, in the book Romiette asked "Why should they care who I eat with?" That quote tells me that she wants to know why they care because she doesn't, and that she loves Julio. Secondly, Julio always stands up to "The Family" when he gets confronted by them. When Julio does that it proves that he loves her, and that no one can tear Romiette and Julio apart. In conclusion, Romiette and Julio's love can overpower a dangerous city gang.

Sharon M. Draper, a fantastic writer, who won numerous awards. She lives in Ohio, and won the "Ohio Teacher of the Year." She is actively involved in encouraging teachers and students all over the world. She writes poems, articles, and stories. Popular books written were Romiette and Julio, November Blues, Double Dutch, and the Hazelwood High Trilogies. She lives with her husband and golden retriever in Cincinnati.

To summarize it all, Romiette and Julio by Sharon M. Draper, that is very popular, that should be read by all. Would you threaten someone just because who they go out with? Would you rat on your boyfriend/girlfriend? Could you blame yourself for your son's/daughter’s disappearance? These are questions everyone asks themselves after this extreme novel.

The author's comments:
I hope people will like it because it was my first time writing my own book review.

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