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January 17, 2011
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The Lost Hero Book Review

Action, mystery, suspense, and friendship all that make a great adventure are in this book, The Lost Hero By Rick Riordan, and will keep you turning pages till the break of dawn. The many different traits of this book make it a popular book for all ages. Moreover this book, The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan, is a spectacular book that people of all ages will appreciate and should read.

The book The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan is full of action, suspense and lots of comedy. The book starts off with the main character having amnesia, which sprouts up lots of questions. Who is he, why is he here, and why does everyone else remember him while he has no clue who they are? Jason, and his 2 apparent friends Piper and Leo, the main characters, are on a field trip to the Grand Canyon. But, when they get there wind spirits or ventus attacks them. They all survive but their goat/coach gets lost in the clouds. This dose of reality tells them that they are going to need each to survive! This fast pace is kept the whole book and is one of the things that make it such a good read.

The theme of this book is that you need your friends to survive, because they can support you when you are going through hard times, they make you feel happy, and they can provide outside ideas to quell the crazy ones that you may have. I feel like this is the theme for 3 reasons. The first is that they get attacked 4 times, the first 3 times they each are solely responsible for them living, and then during the 2 last battles they all responsible for them living. The second reason is that the friendship of all of them endures through the entire book, and its because of that that they survive. The third reason is that when things start to get confusing who are the people that you are going to want with you, and who would be the most helpful to you? The answer to all of those is your friends. Friends are the most helpful because they’ll tell you when you’re wrong and people always work best with they’re friends.
The characters of this book are very realistic, with the exception of course that most are half god, half goats, monsters, or gods! When reading this book I could actually see some of the characters be a real person. When I really got into it I could see the traits that he used for his characters in some of my friends, intelligence, courage, and even some stupidity! The characters of The Lost Hero are real in most every way. Mr. Riordan really has a feel for writing about kids this age as he has proved before and all in all his characters have been quite realistic.

This author, Rick Riordan, writes in a way that is full of details and yet also seems to be a little relaxed. Much like his other books of this genre he is witty, precise (he is as close to perfection as you can get on the myth fact front), and doesn’t strain his writing, that’s to say that he writes all he needs then is done with it. I like his work especially because he sets it in this time period and unlike other writers his characters actually sound a bit like us kids! Some people may feel a bit rushed with all the action happening so fast and so soon, but this is an adventure book. The only part of his books that I don’t like is that sometimes it feels like he’s cheating because he can just make anyone or anything that’s important and immediately say it’s demigod. However other than that this book passes with flying colors

All in all Rick Riordan is definitely one of the best writers in his genre’s if not the best and his latest book is no exception to that rule of thumb. This book, The Lost Hero, is a great book for all ages what with all of the different components that it has. Find out who lives, who dies, and even who turns to gold in this thrilling book by Rick Riordan.

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