So Inn Love by Catherine Clark

January 17, 2011
By Dalia Truta BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
Dalia Truta BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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This book is about romance but not only that it’s also about real life things that go on in peoples relationships. This book is about a girl named Liza and she gets a summer job at this hotel in Rhode Island and its called Tides Inn Hotel, she meets a boy named Hayden that she falls in love with from the first second she saw him. He also works for the hotel to. Hayden and Liza start taking and they flirt throughout the whole book. Liza meets a girl Clair that she works with at the hotel and starts talking to her about Hayden. Liza is afraid to fall in love with Hayden because she already has a boyfriend. But when something goes wrong Liza breaks up with her boyfriend. Liza met Hayden at the beach where he was a life guard. They started talking a lot after that since Hayden also worked at the hotel. Later on Hayden asks her on a date that’s when he says I love you to her. She is so happy because she loves him too. There is this one girl named Zoey that is jealous of Liza. She tries to manipulate her and tries to get Liza fired from the hotel. Zoey really likes Hayden too but he doesn’t like her. The owner of the hotel finds out what Zoey is doing and she gets in trouble. Nothing was going to get in the way of Liza’s and Hayden’s relationship. They have a happy ending because they are still together at the end of the book. This book was very interesting because it’s a romance book of how two young kids fall in love. They do everything they can to stick together. It makes you hope that when you have a boyfriend it would be like this.

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