widom hunter by Randall arthur

January 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Wisdom hunter by
Randall Arthur
Christian fiction
Jason Fair cloth is a Tennessee pastor at the local Nazarene church, and has yet to discover that his daughter has run away from her home in the suburbs of Tennessee with a man who she has secretly been dating. Hannah runs away from her father, her family and her whole life to start a new life with her secret lover Cody in Georgia. And it is there that she gets an unexpected surprise she ends up pregnant. And six months later on her way to the hospital she dies giving birth to a daughter, Cody is devastated after the tragedy that just unfolded in front of him so quickly, he loved her so much and couldn't’t bare the thought of being without her but now she was gone and he would never be the same. The author did a great job writing this book because he includes suspense, tragedy, and forgiveness in one great package to make a through the heart on the edge book.

The main theme of this book is choices like when the pastor (Hannah’s father) finds out he is furious “how could you take away my only daughter my beloved Hannah, why would you do such a thing, damn you Cody Jackson damn you to hell. And he vows never to forgive Cody for what he had done to his beloved daughter Hannah.

If the reader is a fan of intense scenes and adult like action than this is the book its got everything from horror of Hannah’s gruesome and gory death to the intensity and first flinging fight between the pastor Jason and Cody (Hannah’s boy friend) the book started off with a bang it went straight into Hannah moving in with Cody and then to the gruesome death of Hannah, it is defiantly a four thumbs up.

The author's comments:
Mrs. Donn told me to do it so i did

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