Sunrise Over Fallujah by Walter Dean Myers This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

January 17, 2011
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Sunrise Over Fallujah Review

“The marines opened fire immediately, scattering the people on the sidewalk”. What would you do if a humvee suddenly blew up next to you? What if you woke up everyday knowing it might be your last? Well these are the least of young army recruits in Sunrise Over Fallujah. Sunrise over Fallujah, is a great action packed book that everyone should read, is written by Walter Dean Myers.

Sunrise over Fallujah, written by Walter Dean Myers, shows the struggle of a new recruit in the U.S army. Army recruit Robin “Birdy” Perry is new to the army and doesn’t know what to expect. There plan is to go to Iraqi and get on there side, then get ride of Saddam and build a democracy. His group is suppose to talk to Iraqis and help them out, but he finds out sooner or later that’s not the truth. The first thing that makes him realize this is when his unit is order to go into a house to search it. His C.A group finds people in it, and a R.P.G. They ended up arresting a teenager in that house. Then he goes back in to search more and the teen tried to escape but quickly gets gunned down. That’s not the only time he felt scared, sad, and all these mixed emotions. Later in the book he faces what might just be his life in the U.S army, or the world…

Not only is Sunrise over Fallulah a great read, it has a great theme. He went against his dad’s wishes and he made a tough decision. Which makes you think life is full of tough decisions such as picking what you want to do for the rest of you life. You can’t forget how well his group works together, making them very successful and making them most likely to make it through tough times. I got two things out of that. In life working together will make you successful, alone you will fall. Together you can overcome any problems. Those are two messages I got out of reading the first 30 pages of a 282 page book. There are many other messages in the book, those are two big ones. What can you take out of the book?

Once I picked up this book to read I couldn’t put it down. I love how this book shows the real struggles a new recruit in the army would face. The writing style of this book shows only the point of view on Robin Perry. However I did not like that. I think this book could have been even better if it showed more point of views. For example it could have switch from Robin’s view to some of his group members views. I do however like the letters you read throughout the book. The letters he sends and receives plays a big part of the book and without that it would be taking out some of the story.

I would recommend this book to a friend any day. I think if you like realistic fiction books then this book is for you. From the action pack parts to the more calm parts this book is defiantly very realistic. After making a list of the pros and the cons I came to an conclusion that this book deserves a 4 out 5 stars. I recommend that you go and pick up you super cheap copy today!

In conclusion, Sunrise Over Fallujah is a great book that everyone should buy. From the first day of Robin’s army experience he struggles to understand one thing, Why? You will take an epic adventure threw a young recruit’s experience in the Iraq war. It seems so real. Traumatic experiences happen to the C.A group throughout the book. Will they win the war? Who dies? Who survives? Find out by buying your copy of the book today!

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