The Game by Walter Dean Myers

January 14, 2011
Lead: It was ordinary day for Terelle. He noticed the street that
was usely filled with kids was completely empty. Not an echo or a
sound to be heard. As he continues walking he see’s three men in white
suits walking behind him. All of a sudden the three men burst in to a
full sprint towards Terelle. The chase is on as Terelle takes off for
his school.

It was the first day of school and Terelle was already faking sick
running into the bathroom making viscous barfing noises. “Terelle” his
mom said. I’m sick I can’t go to school” Terelle screamed. “Well
that’s too bad because I told the bus driver to wait for you to get on
the bus” his mom said. “Fine” he said as he started running out of his
house to the bus stop.
As the bus arrived to the school, Terelle feelings were exploding like
fireworks on the Fourth of July. He didn’t know if he should be
scared, happy nervous or what. As he got off the bus he walked right
to the back of the school. That’s where everyone goes before school to
hang out and chill before class.
As Terelle walked down to his first class of the year, he noticed a
man in a white suit with one black hole as an eye and other a furious
fire. However, when Terelle asked Geno, the kid in his class who was
the best basketball player in the school said that his eyes were
brown. Terelle got sick in his first class vomiting all over the math
class making the teacher and other students sprint out of the room
gasping for fresh air. He walked down to the nurse’s office where his
mom was called to pick him up. Once home Terelle dashed to his room
and slammed the door viciously making the photos on the wall shake as
if they were in an earthquake. He leaped into his bed. He realized
right after he was feeling better his mom would make him clean his
room which was filled with football equipment, video games, and shoes.
The next day Terelle got up early and headed right to school. He
noticed the street usely filled with kids was completely empty. Not a
sound to heard. Terelle noticed three men in white suits behind him.
One of them looked familiar. All of a sudden the men broke into a
sprint. Terelle takes off for his school but trips. All of his
notebooks, folder, and pencils fall out of his bag. The three men
stand over him with fiery red eyes. “Your coming with us” one man
hissed. No one knows what happened to Terelle that day. The police
searched for him for months. But never found any leads to what
happened to him.

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