Batboy by Mike Lupica

January 14, 2011
By Lucas Raagas BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Lucas Raagas BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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“Hey, Hank can I ask you a question?” Asks Brain. “ No! How many times do I have to tell you to leave me alone?” Hank Bishop screams. Brian Dudley walks away so shocked that the man he’s been admiring all his life, the guy he know everything about has the world revolving around him, at least in his head. Brian Dudley, Cole Dudley’s son, and the main character of the New York Times best seller, Batboy. My previous sentence stated that Brian is the son of Cole Dudley, and in my next sentence explains why you should read this book. This book, Batboy by Mike Lupica, is an extraordinary adventure about family, friends, and trust that everyone should read.
This realistic fiction novel has a unique writing style, and attracts everyone who picks it up. There is one thing I don’t like in this book, and that it’s a common plot. The thing most people and I LOVE is that this author finds a way to add twists that always keeps the reader intensely reading. You’d think that all the twists would throw the story off, but it seems that this author is miracle worker, and brings the story all together in the end.

Batboy, Mike Lupica’s fourth New York Times best seller, is a book that always makes you ask what’s going to happen next because if you don’t there is going to be a twist that’s going to make the story more intriguing. Brian Dudley, main character, is the son of the All-Star pitcher Cole Dudley, who walked out on him and his mom to be a pitching coach on the other side of the world, Japan, and doesn’t even stay in touch with them. Also, Brian is one of the batboys of the Detroit Tigers. There is one more interesting part to this very complex plot; Brian finally gets to meet his favorite baseball player of all time, Hank Bishop. Brian knows everything there is to know about Hank, he knows who he hit his first home run against, and that he’s been suspended twice for taking steroids and Brian still finds a way to be a fan of his. Hank seems to be an angel on the field and to the press, but if you ever get to meet him face-to-face he thinks the baseball and the world revolves around him. Later, Brian’s father pays an unexpected visit to his family. Will this brief trip home make him want to come back to his almost perfect family? Will Hank Bishop soften up? You won’t find out unless you read this book, Batboy.
This book has many themes but the one I think matches perfectly is: friends, family, and trust are the most important things in your life. Brian Dudley has lived without a father since he was 6 months old, and he has only been living with mother for 13 and a half years. If he ever gets in a disagreement with his mom he won’t have any family member to talk to. Also, with his job batboy taking up almost all of his time will he never have any friends to talk to talk to except for one person (Finn, the other batboy). Will this stay the same through out the novel?
I would highly recommend this book to young sports fans. One reason is that the other author explains how Brian feels without Brian saying it or thinking it himself. Also, this book, like all other Mike Lupica books, it has maybe 3 twists and it finds a way to come together. If I had to rate this book I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars because it’s a common plot, but of course Mike Lupica finds a way to make this book extraordinary.
To finalize this review, this book, Batboy by Mike Lupica, is an adventure that can’t even be put into words about friends family and trust that everyone should get a chance to read. Brian may have the most surprisingly difficult job in the world. He needs to get his father a part of his family, he needs to keep hi hero happy, and be a batboy. No big deal right?

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