Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer

January 13, 2011
The intense love story, Breaking Dawn, Bella Swan is a shy awkward girl who just moved to Forks. Little did she know that the guy she was crushing on was a vampire!! This is the 4th book by Stephanie Meyer, and in this one Edward Cullen, the vampire she's crushing on, and Bella get married! When Bella gets pregnant with a half vampire half human baby, who grows five times as fast as a normal baby, she gets sick and almost dies. She gives birth to a baby girl named Renessme, who has a special power. In Jacob, Jacobs splits off from his pack and starts his own pack. He wants to protect Bella, and in the process starts his own pack with Seth and Leah! Read the book to find out what happens next!!

This book was definitely one of my favorites! It’s split into three parts, Bella, Jacob and Bella. In each part, the main character speaks, which is really cool I think! This book is probably best for middle school-high school ages, because at times it might be a little inappropriate. This is a page tuner, and I read all in two nights!! You would really like this book if you have read the others, and you shouldn’t read unless you have. But I would highly recommend Breaking Dawn!

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