Dairy of a wipy kid dog days by Jeff Kinney

January 13, 2011
By tristin staebler BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
tristin staebler BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
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In the book Dairy of a Wimpy Kid, Dog Days, Greg Heffley and has best friend is Rowley Jefferson go to Rowley’s Country Club and they both drink a lot of Smoothies. They charge their smoothies on the Rowley’s dad’s credit card. When his dad finds out, he makes them pay off all the money that they owe to him.

To earn back the money that they charged, Greg and Rowley start a mowing business and use Greg’s grandmother’s mower. One day, they were mowing and they tried to avoid all the dog poop and they barely cut any grass. So, after all their work they did not get paid. It did not turn out exaclty the way they wanted their first job to.

Greg is still not able to pay the debt. On Greg’s birthday, all the money that he got his mom made him pay back Mr. Jefferson. Greg and Rowley stop being friends because of the bad choice to charge their smoothies on Mr. Jefferson’s credit card. Read the book to find out if the two best friends reunite as friends.

This is a great book! If you are a middle school student, you will have a hard time putting The Diary of the Wimpy Kid down. I own all the books in the series and this is my favorite by far. I think that this book book is a great comedy. I really think that this was the best 8 dollars i ever spent on a book.

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