A Step from Heaven by An Na

January 11, 2011
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A Step from Heaven

“A Step from Heaven was written by An Na, This book is the winner of the 2002 Michael L. Printz Award and in 2001 got the national book award finalist. This book is based on An Na’s real life. The Main character in this story is Youngju, She and her Family is Korean. One day they move to Mi Gook, and her Family’s life is changed. They have many problems in the family. Youngju do some things that you don’t expect. I am sure if you read this book you won’t put it down!! I really like this book because this book is very interesting and reflects society.”

This story about one family in Korea move to live in Mi Gook, a new land called America. Apa in this story is very bad, he drink too much and Assault Uhmma. He makes many problems in the family. Sometimes he is very good, he teaches Youngju and Joonho his son to be a good person. So Youngju try to do something to make her family better.

I give a Step from Heaven five stars. Why? Because it’s very interesting. Something Interesting in the story happened to Apa in the last part of the story. Apa does something illegal, He is arrested by the police. Don’t miss reading it, I hope everyone likes it.

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