A Step For Heaven by An Na

January 11, 2011

A Step from Heaven by An Na. This book is a realistic fiction and it got “ A winner of the 2002 Michael L. Printz Award.” This book is about a one girl; named is Park Young Ju. She heard the word Mi Gook for the first time, which means America. It is interesting to read continue until the book is finished.

In A Step from Heaven, Young Ju’s family had to move to Mi Gook that means America. When her family moved to America, Young Ju is just four years old. After Young Ju’s family arrived America, Young Ju had to go to study at school. In the first time, she did not understand English, but after that she got understand English well. She had one younger brother who was named Joon Ho. He was born in America. One-day father’s mother died and when father knew about his mother, he saddens and after that he had change. He drunk too much and hurt to his wife.

I recommend you to read this book, because it talked about one family to immigrant to other countries and reflection about the changing of life after they moved to America or other countries.

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