A Step From Heaven by Anna

January 11, 2011

Review “A step from Heaven”

A Step from Heaven writting by An Na. This book is based on real life story in the world some families have been like this because they do have to work and don’t have quality time with their own family.
Lots have problems with financial and Young Ju family have to spend lots money because they just moved to America and her mother gave birth to his brother. They are immigrants, they to do lots of adjustments with culture, language, foods and finding a better job go survive. Adjustments with school is difficult for Young Ju too. When his father started drinking again in America it becomes worst than when they were in Korea and he started hitting and kicking her mother. In this book her parents are afraid that Young will forget her past as Korean when she started learning and embracing the culture of America.

An Na the author perfectly described the situation. Her writing techniques makes me like finishing the book so fast. She is a good writer, according to my research she is a Korean herself she made us feel like we are part of her story.

The book made me feel so sad and at the same time lucky because this story is far different from my own life as a teenager. My father never kick my mother or even hurt her. My parents are so lovely and very much in love with each other. They are so kind I have my two brothers and one sister too. My parents are always paying for our education and they want the best education for us so that our life will be better in the future. They always give something when I need it or I need to use something on the hand Young Ju's life is so difficult but Young Ju is strong young lady. I really like this book because it makes me feel sad,happy, angry (with the father). Lots of surprises, very clear and easy to understand. This book is based on a real life story.

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