Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception by Eoin Colfer

January 11, 2011
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When was the last time you read a book that was almost impossible to put down? Well, I can assure you that Artemis Fowl: the Opal Deception, by Eoin Colfer is one of those books. Artemis Fowl is really a fantasy book series that begins with two characters that live completely different lives. The first character is a teenager named Artemis Fowl who comes from a family of crime. Artemis isn’t an average teenager though, he is a guenius and a mastermind. The next chararcter is a fairy named Holly Short, a tough, rule bending fairy that works for Lower Elements Police. Artemis Fowl: the Opal Deception is the fourth book in the series which starts with the escape of the criminal pixe mastermind Opal Koboi. After almost a year of waiting, Opal is ready to get revenge on the people who locked her up, Artemis Fowl and Holly Short. With Opal’s mind twisted with the thought of revenge, she will do anything she can to get it. With a Opal on the loose, it’s up to Artemis and Holly to capture her yet again.

When I first read this book, I wouldn’t let myself put it down until I finished. I especially liked Eoin Colfer’s way of describing the characters feelings. The amount of detail he put into the chacters was incredible. One other thing is that the book’s plot completely took me off guard in many parts of the book. The book’s rising action is exciting and is fast paced with twists in almost every chapter. To be honest, I would have to say this book can be read by both kids and teenagers. I’ll say it again, Artemis Fowl: the Opal Deception is book worth reading.

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