Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis with Larry Sloman

January 11, 2011
By Ryan Sharrar BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
Ryan Sharrar BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
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ScarTissue is a powerful book about the life of famous singer Anthony Kiedis. Anthony’s life is one full of adventure, passion, heartbreak, and addiction. Anthony is born in Michigan but moves to L.A. with his father early in his life. In L.A., Anthony starts off his career of shenanigans by smoking his first joint at the age of 11, which is followed by jumping off buildings, lying to get into a better school, stealing, and experimenting with all kinds of other drugs. After he gets out of high school, he gets into a not-so-serious band with his friend who is nicknamed Flea. Anthony and Flea begin to get into the clubbing scene and play some shows for small clubs. They take their first album to make a demo, and they believe it can take off. They travel to New York to get a record deal, although they come back home a few days later with nothing. A few weeks later he somehow gets a record and begins a life of adventure.
            Larry Sloman does a fantastic job of interpreting the amazing life story given to him by Anthony Kiedis. Although the writing is not as descriptive as it could be, it lets the reader know exactly what Anthony was thinking at that time. Sloman also includes many laughable comments by Kiedis, which keeps the book even more interesting. Larry Sloman also shows the reader the more spiritual and soulful side of Anthony by including Anthony’s many little beliefs about life. I would recommend this book to adults and mature teens. This book has an interesting touch that will keep you reading!

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