Tears of a Tiger by Sharon M. Draper

January 10, 2011
By Dalia Truta BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
Dalia Truta BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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You never think about the negatives usually until it actually happens. The book “Tears of a Tiger” shows this because the group of friends are all having fun until something tragic happens that they never saw coming their way. The passengers in the car all survived but Robbie Washington. Andy was the driver of the car when the accident occurred. Andy felt so guilty after the death of his long time friend. He felt like it was his fault for what happened. I truly see how he felt so guilty because he was the one driving so he could have thought better and not of been drinking while driving. If one of my friends died in an accident and I were the driver I’d probably blame myself too because I would think of every little thing I could have done to reverse what happened. A lot of different scenarios would run through my head. I would feel guilty for a long time. You will never forget about what happened and that makes it all the worse. When all this happened Andy wasn’t his usual self anymore. He would be a very energetic and friendly person. He is now the Andy no one knows anymore. He is very depressed and he feels like he should have died not Robbie. I think the feeling Andy is having is normal because no one likes to lose their best friend and that knowing you will never be able to see them again or talk to them and here them call your name. That’s a very devastating moment. Nothing will be the same anymore. It’s like a piece of you is missing. I have a best friend that I have known more that 5 years now and thinking one day that something could happen to her and that I wouldn’t get to see her anymore isn’t very heart warming just thinking about it. I’d probably cry for days and be depressed. A lot of Andy’s friends try to tell him that its not his fault that Robbie died and that he shouldn’t blame himself and feel guilty. They are telling him that he needs some counseling to help him through this problem. His friends want the old Andy back. Andy’s situation is very relatable to because everyone has lost or will lose family or friends. I like how this book explains real life situations. It also teaches you that drinking and driving can have bad consequences and that you should never sacrifice your life or others for a dumb thing like he did. I recommend this book to everyone!!

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