The City of Ember by Jeanne Duprau This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

January 10, 2011
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Set in a city where the only light the people of Ember have is an actual light bulb that flickers on and off. Where children have to go to school until the age of 12. Lina and Doon are 12 years old and its assignment day, which is the job that the children get after they are 12 years old. Messenger Lina finds a message to escape, but she and Doon soon find many truths that were unexpected, while they both try to find the new city.
In The City of Ember, author Jeanne Duprau really makes the reader think on all the truths of this book. For example, the mayor of Ember tells all of the citizens that the city is running low on food, but Lina and Doon know the real truth about all of the food in the city of Ember. Once they find out they soon tell a guard. Then the guard says, “You saw this room? This is true? Are you sure?”… “You mean the mayor is stealing?”(164). By keeping all of these unexpected events throughout the book the author Jeanne Duprau keeps the reader flipping the pages.

The City of Ember is for readers that like futuristic type mystery books. The book The City of Ember is very similar to the book Spirit Bear because they both focus on the third person point of view but also have very great dialogue in the book and also switch from one character to another. The City of Ember also has great description and will make the reader want to keep on reading. However the book The City of Ember is not for readers that do not like books that leave them hanging and thinking what will happen next.

Word Count: 303

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