the book thief by markus zusak

January 10, 2011
The Book Thief starts in a train where the main character Liesel a normal 12-year-old girl has too face the death of her little brother who died for no reason. In her brother’s funeral, she finds a copy of the gravediggers guide and that was all it took too make her hunger for books awaken. After that, some German family from Berlin adopted her, and after she settled in her new home she soon started to steal books from Nazi book burnings and even from the mayor’s library were rare books awaited her.
If the people that read this review enjoy novels that have to do with choices, then The Book Thief is a good recommendation for all of those people. If you are goin to fall in love whit a novel it might as well be. The Book Thief because what is a book but a key to your heart and imagination. Now Liesel is a poor German girl that lives in Berlin whit her family and her friend Rudy also a poor boy but Rudy wants to change it all by stealing books and stuff from the mayor’s library, now for a little something from The Book Thief.

Rudy: are you sure you want to run away whit me we will starve
Liesel: we are starving anyways
Both: they laugh
Liesel: No, we have to

Something that was interesting was that Markus Suzak gives a lot of flashbacks, good details, some humor, emotion and a hit of surprise all that was a combination that made this novel a feast for the brain, a novel like this can make any reader interested. However, something that was bothering was that the story is too long and a bit confusing which made it a little hard to swallow. And for reader that are looking for a similar book then any one who is interested can get The Hunger Games were the main character has to face a lot of choices and The Alchemist is kind of choice filled pages too.

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