Graceling by Kristin Cashore

January 10, 2011
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Set in the past Graceling tells a story of 11 year old Katsa who has a Grace. Katsa has a blue and green eye, her grace is some special power, she has the power to kill and she is only 11 years old. Other people also have a grace but it’s not common, there are mind readers, killers, and fighters. Katsa has two friends named Oll and Giddon, they are like her servants but not exactly, they help Katsa do everything their like her accomplice they been with her when she needs to kill the people. Oll and Giddon go with her everywhere she goes they never leave Katsa alone. A little girl new who she was she said “She’s a Graceling Fighter” Katsa answered “No” (100).

Graceling uses the theme of choices. To make the reader think of some of the choices in life people have to make. At the Liend Kingdom this man attacked Katsa he knew who she was, she had a choice to leave the man alive or kill him. In the time she had made her choice “In an instant she swung her boot up and clipped him in the forehead. His eyes opened wide with surprise, and then dropped to the ground… Perhaps I should of have killed him, she thought as they thundered through the dark forests. Perhaps I should have killed him. He knew who I was” (14-15). By the examples of choices the character has to make, Kristine Cashore the Author makes a good job at showing those examples of choices.
Graceling is very different to the book The Green Angel in different ways. Katsa an 11 year old girl has the grace for killing, that’s what she does for a living, Katsa and Green form The Green Angel are also similar because they both lost their parents, or they don’t have family members. Readers who like a little violence or fighting might like this book. Graceling is very interesting, and over all it’s a good read.

Rating: ????
Word count: 351

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