Unwind by Neal Shusterman

January 11, 2011
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Neal Schusterman has captivated his audience with a book unlike any other. With each turn of the page, Schusterman’s Unwind, invites the reader on a whirlwind of a journey; taking them from places both real and fictitious - and blending it with his very own, personal touch. His writing completely alters the mind set of it readers perception, plunging them into a world so close to our own, and yet so far away. Schusterman’s capabilities to not only entertain, but to have the reader holding onto the book for dear life in anticipation is beyond commendable. Kudos to Schusterman for hugging his readers in a blanket of his imagination. Unwind is but a graphic reminder of what the world could be – something which has been deemed by the majority of society as “unreal”, but by others, as an inevitability. As the author, Schusterman allows his readers to ask themselves: Is the killing of another human being deemed “inhumane” because of their age, or is it morally unjust in all circumstances? And with that, he closes the book with an ending which his reader can build on themselves; as well as the right to say that Unwind is, and will forever be, a remarkable piece of literature.

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