Walking Ollie by Stephen Foster

January 11, 2011
By breeluva BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
breeluva BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
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Walking Ollie, by Stephen Foster

Walking Ollie by Stephen Foster is a powerful look at how to love your dog. It is an inspiring story that shows a great example of how to win the love a difficult dog. This book has valuable lessons about passion and never giving up. Ollie, a greyhound mix, is beautiful and elegant and is the puppy of this families dreams, but when he gets around people he goes ballistic. This book is about adventure, love, and an unbelievable journey for the dog and his owner to trust each other. This family struggles, but gets through it together. Learn about your dog in Walking Ollie.

This book is an understanding and inspiring journey of challenges to help, train, and love your puppy. I recommend this book to mature young adults to adults. The book needs to be understood in a mature way in order to help yourself and your dog or puppy. It’s based on a true story that has motivation and staying on track. Dogs may be difficult, but there is something about them that knows you and loves you. I enjoy this passionate story about hope and wisdom. I learned about my dogs and even more breeds like Vizsla’s.

Your pet is your companion and you must be kind and responsible, but the pet must be loyal, heartwarming, and always by your side. I think that this book is inspiring and encouraging you to own a pet and go through the challenges that Stephen Foster went through. Learning something about your pet is always a valuable thing. They need your heart and we need theirs.

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