The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult

January 11, 2011
By PixieWriter BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
PixieWriter BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
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“This is how it feels when you realize your child is missing: The pit of your stomach freezes fast, while your legs go to jelly.” This is what Jodi Picoult wrote in her book, The Tenth Circle, a young adult fiction novel. The Tenth Circle is about a fourteen-year old girl, Trixie Stone and how her world came crashing down on her after one mistake. This was like no other mistake she had ever made in her life, she got so sick of her life that she runs away to Alaska where she meets Willie, a brave young strong man who falls in love with Trixie but doesn’t really show it until one night.  It changes her life back around. Her father finds her in Alaska with Willie. Trixie and her father start to go home and when they return some secret will leave you speechless.

I liked this book from the first sentence in the prologue which was my first sentence in the review, that’s why I picked it. It was a great book for all the images the words paint in your head and for how interesting it is. Jodi Picoult put a lot of details and twists into the book which she did well. I felt like the book was best young adult novel I’ve ever read and it was someone around my age. I liked it because one chapter would lead me to the next one and I felt like I could never put the book down. Since it’s a young adult book I would recommend this to mature people who are young adults because there are a few parts that are graphic. Jodi Picoult has also won England award for all her books.

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