Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan

January 10, 2011
By Chris Pedroza BRONZE, Prosser, Washington
Chris Pedroza BRONZE, Prosser, Washington
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13 year-old Percy Jackson may seem like a normal teenage boy, except for the fact that he’s half immortal. He lives with his mom in an apartment in New York City. Through out this book his friends Ananbeth and Tyson influence his decision making that put all there lives at risk. So now that he’s half immortal some may wonder who his father is. Well in a surprise Percy finds out that his father is Poseidon, the god of sea. Percy is faced with a quest that will help save his friends Grover’s life and save the camp.

In Sea of Monsters Percy is faced with tough decisions that put his life at threat. In a certain part of the book he is put on the spot of either killing a Cyclops or either sparing its life. It’s not easy for Percy to kill the Cyclops because other then the fact that he’s half immortal he’s a pretty normal teenage boy. Rick Riordan does a great job on making some of the littlest decisions into the most life threatening decisions. In this quote, Percy is in the process of making a choice with his friends influencing his decision making. Clarisse Sais, “kill him! What are you waiting for?” “No please I was only trying to protect my sheep”, Said the Cyclops. “We only want the golden Fleece”, said Percy. “Go ahead and take it and leave in peace”, said the Cyclops (219-220).

Any readers into Greek Mythology then this book would be for those readers. Throughout the book Rick Riordan gives out information about Greek Mythology so even if some of the readers don’t know much about Greek Mythology then it’s alright because Sea of Monsters helps tell the reader what’s going on, so that the reader doesn’t get confused. A similarity that the author has with sits last book The Lightning Thief is that Rick Riordan describes every scene so that the reader gets a good clear mental picture of what’s going on in Sea of Monsters. So what made the book so great was that Rick Riordan sets the reader up for what’s about to come up later on in the book.

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