Come in from the Cold by Marsha Qualey

January 10, 2011
By celina macias BRONZE, Prosser, Washington
celina macias BRONZE, Prosser, Washington
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Come In From the Cold

By: Marsha Qualey

Come in from the Cold has a problem for 17 year old Maud and 17 year old Jeff are both facing a terrible problem in their lives. Maud’s 16 year old sister Lucy has been killed in a bomb blast with out a body to bury and all she wants are answers but no one is telling her what she wants to know. Jeff’s 20 year old brother Tom was a big role model for Jeff but when his mom calls him and tells him if he can go home ha doesn’t know why. Maud is a very sweet girl, but after she gets the news of her sister, Maud’s world turns up side down, she stops going to school and going off with her friends and getting into lots of trouble. Jeff loves to study but his brother Tom tells him to stop studying and just go out and have fun. Jeff never listens to him, when he finds out about his brother he changes his mind and decides he wants to be like his brother.

Come in from the cold uses the theme of choices to make the reader breath taking that won’t let you stop reading. From Minneapolis the moratorium demonstration at the U. of M setting. To Jeff’s choices. Marsha’s novel makes you want to know more about what Maud and Jeff are doing all the way in Minneapolis: “Or maybe she just doesn’t care. I wonder if she thought even ones about how much I’d miss her. Once did that matter to her” [12] that’s what my main character Maud said: “The crowd of the U and M mall was too big for me to guess the size” is what my main character Jeff said. Some of the comments that the author of Come in from the Cold had for this novel were very strong, because by the way she ended every chapter and it left the reader hanging from their seat wanting to know more about what was going to happen next. Marsha also had lots of strong emotions when it came to describing the main character’s sister and brother.

The emotions that were felt for the book were confusing, because it had a little bit of sad, funny, and romantic in a single emotion. Never less fans of sad, romantic and heart breaking novels would fall in love with this book. Come in from the Cold is very similar to another novel called 13 Reasons Why, Both stories focus on there loved ones that were killed they then try to find out the reasons, answers, and witnesses to how or what killed them.

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