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Gym Candy by Carl Deuker

January 10, 2011
By Andrew Cox BRONZE, Prosser, Washington
Andrew Cox BRONZE, Prosser, Washington
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Set in Seattle, Washington, Gym Candy tells the story of Mick Johnson a young football player who is pushed just a little bit to far. Mick started his football training at the age of four he was also put in school a year late so he always has a year on the kids he plays with. Throughout his younger football years Mick was a force that no one person could handle. See the reason Mick gets pushed is because his dad had a chance to be the best and he screwed it up. Mike Johnson was a awesome running back but when he was drafted by the Chargers he didn’t think he needed to try very hard and was cut from the team in training camp. That’s why he pushes Mick so hard. But the problem is he gets pulled up to varsity as a freshman, after being messed with and a big lose with him as the star running back he looks to find more power. His dad signed him up for a gym he finds what he was looking for.

Gym Candy uses the theme of parent expectations Mick’s dad always wanted Mick to be the best person of the field but some kids where just better then him. After Mick’s first varsity start he had the chance to win the game the ball was on the five yard line and Mick was given the ball he made it to the three yard line before he was hit by a middle line backer he then made it to the one foot line. That’s as far as he made it that night. Later he had told his dad his foot had slipped as the line backer hit him. His dad said “No Mick that guy flat out stopped you and there is nothing you could do about it”(81). This made Mick feel week so he didn’t want to feel that way any more so he did his best to get bigger stronger and faster. Carl Deuker will keep the readers eyes glued to the page with his fast pace stile of writing.

Gym Candy is a great book for young adults who enjoy football. These books showed tons of comparison to The Outsiders because both main characters treaded there gang or there team like family. This book has great football plays drawn out so you know what Mick is talking about.

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