The Creature Of The Night by Kate Thompson

January 10, 2011
By Danny Godinez BRONZE, Prosser, WA, Washington
Danny Godinez BRONZE, Prosser, WA, Washington
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Robert the boy who causes trouble is the main character in the book Creature Of The Night. Why this is because after all the bad choices he does by him and his friend’s. It all started in a place called Dublin where he used to live and where him and all of his friend’s used to cause lots of trouble by doing smoking, drinking and racing stolen cars. Also all the cops in Dublin know him and his gang. But since Robert and his mom and little brother moved to the country, a place where it’s an old village something does not seem right about that house though.

The previous tenant mysteriously disappeared and stories of murder surround the family who lived there for years. And also Roberts little brother starts to talk about a strange visitor who comes to the house at night. But there is a little danger though, the danger lurks and creeps and won’t go away. This danger is more like the suffocating hopelessness of his own future, but Robert is not afraid he just wants to know who is the Creature Of The Night.

Creature Of The Night uses the theme of choices by when Robert has the choice to be either a good person or either being a bad person. Because of the bad stuff he does which always talks back to his mom and telling her that he doesn’t agree with her rules and telling her that he could do what ever he wants. Like saying he’s going to go with his friends when he wants to and that if she ever try’s to touch him or even try’s to hug him, he will hit his own mom. Also when he had a choice or not he chose to take someone else’s car that was not even his. But he took it back to Dublin and while he was driving he picked up his friend. Once he picked up his friend, his friend wanted to drive; while they were driving his friend ran a red light and totaled the car. So it was Roberts’s choice for taking the car”(38).

But know things that the author did well was that he made the book very interesting, like by giving opinions how the characters act in this book. For example one of the characters in this book would always make people think like what you are going to think next about what’s going to happen. Another idea how the author did well was that he would make sure that this story was not going to be a boring book for the readers who are going to read this book. So how the author wrote this book was with a very good job, cause most people who will read this book will like it for all the things that happen in this story by like showing actions how the characters show how they feel and what they think about.

What makes people think about the book is that the author gives a lot of good details by describing good information that would make the reader want to keep on reading this book. Most people would recommend this book to someone who really likes mystery books and sort of fiction books. But then again someone who would like to be hung on the edge. Next is another book that is the same as sort of this book is called The Best Friend by R.L. Stine. How it’s the same is because it has lots of mystery parts in it and give’s lots of description in it. How much stars I would rate this book is five stars.

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