Twilight by Sthephenie Meyer

January 10, 2011
By osman olivera BRONZE, Prosser, Washington
osman olivera BRONZE, Prosser, Washington
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Bella is a 17 year old teenager that moved from Arizona to a small town near Seattle called Forks, her parents are divorce, the mom lives in Arizona with her boyfriend while the dad lives in Forks where she is going to study her junior year of high school, but with no idea what creature lives there or the feelings that the heart experiences when its in love, that feeling of mystery and temptation….vampire? Who knows? Or it’s better to say…who have had the bad luck that the love of your life is not human?.
Twilight uses the theme love with most of the characters in the book, from the broken to the real love that Bella feels for Edward, this book keeps the reader interested because of the mystery and the hard circumstances where the keys to unlock the secrets are being found but new locks appear in that transition, the amorous feelings the book transfers between Bella and Edward its stronger than immortality. Both of the main characters (Bella and Edward) are shy people that don’t flirt or like other people but the reader can figure out that Edward liked Bella because at the parking lot when they started to know each other Edward said “will you please allow me to finish, I heard you say you were going to Seattle that day, and I was wondering if you wanted a ride” this revealed that Edward was interested on her (83).
Stephenie Meyer makes the whole story more interesting by the way of writing, old style of writing but with the new “just giving enough” new way from now days that makes the reader keep flipping pages without even noticing. The book is for teenagers in similar situations or with a difficult problem in their relationships, Stephenie Meyer is a really smart woman that knows how to maintain the people reading the book making you feel in Bella’s shoes, with good description, the story makes sense, the characters have personality, describing love that you can even feel it. Twilight its similar to new moon considering the fact that they have the same author and the same style of writing is the same story but in another level, with different characters and problems, it seems to become something else and the mystery keeps going and this makes the reader be attached with chains to the book.

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