A Step from Heaven by ANNA

January 9, 2011
By lolos BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
lolos BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
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A Step From Haven review

A “Step from Heaven” was written by a Korean woman name Anna. Anna won the book Award in 2002. This book is fun, cool and real. A Step from Heaven is about a Korean family that moves to America to have a better life, but everything was not as they expected. They struggled with many family problems and had to face many unexpected issues.

Young Ju and her family wanted to have a better life so they decided to move to America. They thought America is heaven. In the beginning America was really heaven for them but after living there for a while they realize that they have a very hard life and they experienced many hardship trying to adapt to the American life style. They start to realize that it is not easy to get whatever they want. Young Ju is capable to solve problems on her own. Young Ju is a strong girl with lots of patents. The part that impressed me the most is when Young Ju was brave enough stand up against her father’s abusive behavior.

Overall, it is great book to learn about how a family struggled through many family problems and how they overcame all their problems. This book will surely be a book for every family to read. After I read this book, it made me aware of many family issues especially how easily Korean men abuse their wife. I recommend everyone to buy this book and especially for student living overseas because they can be familiar with problems that can arise when moving the whole family to a very new and different country.

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