A Step From Heaven by Anna

January 9, 2011
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A Step from Heaven was written by Anna. This novel was her first written book. Anna received an award of excellent in young adult literature. This story was about one Korean family moved to America because they thought that America was heaven. This great book was realistic and enjoyable even though first part was quite confused because of characters name.

This story was told by one little girl named Young Ju’s point of view. Her family had moved to America. They wish to have a better life. Young Ju’s family was included Apa, Young Ju’s father, Uhmma, Young Ju’s mother, and Joon Ho, Young Ju’s younger brother. They thought America was a good place that would make them rich. Who knows, it became worst. There were lots of language, money and family problems which became disaster for Young Ju’s family. This book was unpredictable. It seemed like everybody in Young Ju’s family never get what they wanted. As I was reading this book, I felt pity. I believed that her family’s problems were true for some real family. Young Ju was a strong girl; she could face with all of problems. Moving to America changed her life.

This book was easy to read. By reading this book, I got a lot of vocabularies. Also, this book was included a lot of imageries which made me easy to understood and could imagine. When I read this book, I felt like I was watching someone in real life who immigrant to America. This book was amusing and we couldn’t predict what would happen. I recommend you to read this book. It would make you understand about family the most.

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