Tentacles by Roland Smith

January 7, 2011
By Ocean97 SILVER, Suffield, Connecticut
Ocean97 SILVER, Suffield, Connecticut
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"If you live to be 100 years old, then I hope I live to be that, minus 1 day, so that I never have to live a day without you."

Most people enjoy change. However, there is always a side that it is devastating towards. In TENTACLES, change is bad, very bad.

Roland Smith has written many books all about animals. He writes a wide variety of books ranging from alphabet books, such as W is for Waves, to serious tales of climbing Mt. Everest with a long lost father in Peak. A theme in most of Roland’s books includes a family who must go away from their hometown and start a new life because of a tragic event that happened within their families. A long-lost relative is usually involved. A perfect example of this is his book, Cryptid Hunters. It is the prequel to TENTACLES. Cryptid Hunters sets the scene for its sequel. After their parents are lost in a helicopter crash in the Congo, the O’Hara twins must live with their Uncle Wolfe; a long-lost uncle. “So, you hadn’t met your uncle until this morning?” This was a quote from the book about Wolfe. As it turns out, their uncle is obsessed with cryptids. This was one of the many books about cryptids that Roland has written. Sasquatch is one of these many books. TENTACLES is the most recent book he has written about cryptids.

Newly discovered cousins, Marty and Grace O’Hara go to live with their Uncle Wolfe(Grace’s dad, as found out it Cryptid Hunters) because of a helicopter crash in which there are lost. Although the search for them is funded by eWolfe- a major animal research company run by Wolfe himself- Marty and Grace travel on an expedition with the eWolfe crew. The objective is to capture a Giant Squid off the coast of New Zealand.

However, with their psycho grandfather, Marty and Grace are in terrible danger. Everyone aboard the Coelacanth will drown if hidden charges aren’t defused. “Half of you will be securing the ship. The other half will set the charges.” Everything goes wrong when Noah Blackwood sends his top agent undercover to kidnap his grandfather, Grace and the dinosaur moke’le’ mbembe’ hatchlings.
As I read the story, TENTACLES, I found that I could relate its plot to Jurassic Park. As the hunt for a Giant Squid continues, it reminded me that the reality of a Giant Squid existing is questionable. For this reason, I connected TENTACLES to Jurassic Park because both book involve creatures that are not supposed to exist at this time. They are dinosaurs and Giant Squids.
If you like an exciting realistic fiction book, then TENTACLES is for you. With 319 pages, it is a good sized book and perfect for kids in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade.

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