The Magic Ring by Jonathon Gillman

January 7, 2011
By RBartee SILVER, New Britain, Connecticut
RBartee SILVER, New Britain, Connecticut
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Jonathon Gillman’s The Magic Ring, astounds readers with its ability to dive into the souls of each character. Gillman tugs and embraces each situation of every character - hugging them in a life that he himself has created. Each character runs through scenarios which involve drugs, racial discrimination, sexual abuse, bi-racial dating, disownment, and mid-life marital crises, along with a number of other dilemmas. He astounds readers with his ability to understand exactly what it is that each character is being influenced by. Even years after its publication, The Magic Ring still awes its readers with its ability to envelop them into the lives of the characters. His book, The Magic Ring, is yet another dive into the fundamental mind of all kinds of people who can be found in society. He ends the book with a heartfelt finale, where the main character finds truth in herself - which is the perfect ending for anyone hoping, for a decent ending, to such a story. Jonathon Gillman never once lingers too long on an idea which doesn’t have the readers screaming for more. And for that, kudos to “The Magic Ring” for the remarkable life that the story itself has captured.

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