Chasing Lincoln's Killer by James L. Swanson

January 7, 2011
By Dariusz Cholewa BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
Dariusz Cholewa BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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The American Civil War was known as the bloodiest, and in some cases the most horrific in American history. In the end the Union was saved and preserved. Because of the the great men, and boys both young and old who helped to keep the Union and the nation from complete secession. At the center of this great leap towards the future was our dear old 16th President of the United States. Abraham Lincoln was the commander and chief at the time and lead this crumbling nation back to unification, to preserve the union.

About 141 years after the assassination of our dear president who walked our country through the crisis that we know as the American Civil, the people finally have a truly good source to the past. The few days after the Civil War a time where people though that the bloodshed had stopped. His unexpected death through assassination by John Wilkes Booth and associates still haunts historians today. The technology we know toady has been able to expand our research much further then we have ever imagined on how the historic Man Hunt lasted, and happened.

Man Hunt The 12 Day Chase for Lincolns Killer is a historic non-fiction bringing you all the missing pieces the people have been wondering today. Author James L. Swanson has conducted many tests and researched a variety of books. This book depicts Booth’s journal along with his associates along with the affects to the Lincoln family and other victims present at Abe’s death, in a compelling storytelling novel written from start to finish, from the revered Fords Theatre. At the dead end of he Civil War one man is still not satisfied. John Wilkes Booth, a southern activist heart broken by the way the war turned out is set out to make a difference. To kill the president and most of his cabinet in order to redeem the south, and himself.
This story descries the harsh time of post Civil War, and the danger, and lives these men had to endure when they set out o this plot to kill the president. This book has been researched thoroughly, Giving you the most descriptive information on the Assassination, and manhunt to follow. Of what was the most wanted man in America. I would recommend this for most history lovers and teens alike, with compelling story telling and plot, Manhunt delivers. With arguably the most descriptive Pre and Post assassination of our dear 16th President of the United States.

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