13 Days t Midnight by Patrick Carman

January 10, 2011
By Karl Ganje BRONZE, Prosser, WA, Washington
Karl Ganje BRONZE, Prosser, WA, Washington
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13 Days to Midnight takes place about three hours, from the Oregon Coast in a small town. Jacob Fielding is a 14 year old student at a private school. He gets 10 million dollars when he graduates, and is indestructible. His friend Milo and girlfriend Ophelia aka Oh. Jacob decides to help people and the power dump’s the death on Oh which makes her want to commit suicide.

One way the power works is Jacob gives it to someone and they can do whatever they want and wont die. For example, Jacob wrote “ you are indestructible” on Oh’s cast and a couple hours later she used Milo’s car to catapult on her long board where a rock jammed the wheel and Oh went flying into the pavement face first and there wasn’t a single scratch on her entire body just because of the power.

13 Days to Midnight uses the theme “Death” to make the reader think that it’s a good thing there’s no such thing as indestructible powers or than all the readers may be faced with the feeling of wanting to commit suicide. From Mr. Fielding dying by a car crash, to Oh wanting to commit suicide, Jacob alone in the forest, to Jacob and Ethan in a dark haunted house, from Oh and Jacob long boarding, to Jacob watching Oh die over and over by an electric table. At midnight, Oh sent Jacob a text “I hate you, take it back!”(286). Jacob gave her the power so Oh couldn’t commit suicide. People who would like this book are readers who enjoy action and some excitement. 13 Days to Midnight is like the Artemis Fowl books. For example butler, Artemis’ bodyguard, gets shot and dies and Artemis does everything he could to save him and does. 13 Days to Midnight is a great novel, and is now a favorite.

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