The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

January 10, 2011
By KayliaJohnson BRONZE, Prosser WA, Washington
KayliaJohnson BRONZE, Prosser WA, Washington
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The Lucky One
By: Nicholas Sparks
Young Adult Fiction

Twenty eight year old mysterious Logan Thibault from Colorado is a marine. When he finds a photo of a smiling woman when in his third tour to Iraq he manages to survive deathly attacks that kill two of his best friends, the only way Logan can think of this photograph is a good luck charm. Elizabeth who lives in a suburb in north Carolina (the smiling woman) is a single mother and a school teacher who has had her heartbroken so many times, she is sure she is not ready for commitment but will destiny bring Logan And Elizabeth together or will it tear them apart?

The Lucky One uses the theme of choices making the reader wonder how Logan’s choices will turn out. From the arrival in north Carolina to the flood of a lifetime, sparks keeps readers on the edge of their seats and will find the choices doesn’t identify the person you truly are. As Logan sat in his house thinking what just happened moments before he though “He was here because he’d made the decision to search for the woman in the picture, it had nothing to do with destiny or magic” (157).Sparks masters the beauty of love and keeps the readers enlightened in this wonderful well written love story that the past seems to repeat and love lives on that will deliver a good cry.

Readers who can relate to love, drama and hard dedication will find much to be valued in The Lucky One as a novel. The Lucky One and Dear John both by sparks have the same concept their characters are similar. The Novel The Lucky One uses good descriptions and good time periods for characters. The novel also does a good job hooking the reader in by the first couple of chapters. Almost as if the readers are in the story and are trapped inside until the book is finished. The Lucky One opens a world of the unknown but at the same time it’s very similar to the real world and to problems all readers undergo.

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