90 Minutes In Heaven by Don Piper

January 4, 2011
By 812kelsey BRONZE, Bedford, Indiana
812kelsey BRONZE, Bedford, Indiana
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This is a true story about a man who died in a tragic car accident, and after 90 minutes came back to life saying he went to heaven.
I discovered 90 Minutes in Heaven on Amazon, when I was looking for a good book to read. When I saw the title I automatically knew I wanted to read it. The cover had said it was a true story, and I had to find out for myself for, so I ordered it. I’ve always thought about what heaven is like, and with Don Piper saying he had actually gone there, made me want to see what his experience was like and what he thought about it.
Once I got it about three weeks later and started reading it as soon as I got it. I couldn’t get myself to stop reading at first. Piper talking about the car crash, and his experience in heaven, the beautiful music. But when I got to about chapter 5, it started to lack interest. I kept reading but hearing about how Piper was in hospital, all the constant pain he was in, and all the surgeries he had to have, got rather boring. After Piper talking about how much pain he had gone through, he soon started talking about how many people came to him asking him to tell someone they knew, that recently been hurt or sick, about his story of life and death. It started to get interesting again and I couldn't keep myself from reading. Piper soon starts to tell about how he changed many peoples lives. Making you think that maybe God does have a plan for everyone.
When I finished this book, I knew wanted to read it again. Of course, I didn’t finish it very quickly but I still loved the story. 90 Minutes in Heaven made me realize a lot, like that heaven is real which means that so is hell. This story makes me want to become as close as possibly to God. I recommend the story to anyone. Even if you don’t believe that Don Piper is being truthful, it’ll still keep you thinking.

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