Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

January 3, 2011
By AdriannaF BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
AdriannaF BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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The Picture of Dorain Gray is a book that has many life lessons within it. The book is inspirational in many ways as well. The book has many pro's and con's but overall is a very good book and i would recommend it to anyone who loves to read.
The theme of the book was very interesting it made you want to read more and more to see what happens. Dorian Grays character is a shallow naive character at first. And his nativity in many ways seems to stay with him through out the book. He is mostly naive about life in general, he takes life for granted. He tries to make the portrait better looking, to stop it from aging ect. But he didnt realize how much by trying to hard to be a better person, to stop the uglyness in the picture that he wasent learning anything. He wasent learning from his mistakes or learning from anything he did wrong. He was only ambitious towards stopping the aging of the picture, he wasent ambitious in learning anything new or gaining any life lessons. Dorian Gray was surround by people who where very intellgent. Lord Henery had many theories, many things that could have influenced Dorain; but dorain didnt seem to take much of his intelligence in. His main focus throughout most of the book was to stop the picture from aging and to make himself age. The final scene of the book where he stabs the portrait and he aged so dramatically fast and died was the final straw for Dorain. At that point he realized how much he had messed up, and how much he wished he could have aged naturally and aged with his friends. In the end Dorians Grays character died with no really mark in life except what his looks did for him.

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