From the corner of his eye

December 16, 2010
By will95 BRONZE, Chesterton, Indiana
will95 BRONZE, Chesterton, Indiana
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From the Corner of His Eye is a very intense thriller written by Dean Coontz. I would also call it page turner since you are easily drawn into it. It is about three amazing stories that intertwine later on in the book. The book starts off with a couple picnicking on a fire tower in the woods. Encoh Cain who is commonly referred to as “junior” seems to have met the perfect woman of his dreams, until he murders her. Making it seem like an accident he pushes his wife, Naomi, of the fire tower. He manages to fool everyone into thinking it was an accident and the state pays him compensation to avoid a civil lawsuit. He given half a million dollars which he splits with Naomi’s greedy family. Thomas Vanadium is a detective who doesn’t believe junior. He plays a key role in the story. Then the author turns to the sad story of the White family. Seraphim White was raped and hides it from her family. From hiding the baby complications occur during birth and Seraphim dies, but her sister Celestina adopts her sister’s baby. Then comes the miraculous story of the Lampion family. Agnes Lampion was married to Joey Lampion who died the day his son was born rushing to get to the hospital. Agnes is later informed by a doctor that her son has a rare cancer that would spread to his brain if his eyes weren't removed. Barty's eyes are then surgically. Miracously later in the novel when he has a child his sight is restored. As the book continues we learn that junior is a psychopath. He eventually kills Thomas Vanadium and moves to a town in California. Then the author starts to get creative. Thomas Vanadium wasn’t actually killed he succumbed to a coma for 8 months when junior hit him with a blunt object. He then stalks junior, but believing in justice he only watches junior to catch him in a crime so he can arrest him. Once again the story shifts to another family. Barty, which is short for Bartholomew, is Agnes son. As the book continues we learn that he is what doctor’s call a “Child Prodigy”. He is exceptionally smart as a baby. He learned to talk and walk exceptionally early and taught himself to read at the age of two. He also started advanced mathematics a little later. He cannot cope with having to be read to because of his blindness and hates it. Through the story he learns to cope with it and can even maneuver around all 2 floors of the house. Toward the end of the story we learn about what junior has been doing for three years. He has become a serial killer who is now undeniably insane. For some strange reason he is searching for barty because he believes that barty has caused juniors life to become miserable. Junior is in his late twenty’s and barty is 5. Like I said Junior is nuts. To get the unexpected twist and the bend on reality in this book you’re going to have to read it. It is an amazing book that I would recommend to anybody that likes to read.

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