L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad

December 20, 2010
L.A. Candy is by a reality show star, Lauren Conrad. The main contrast is the girls’ struggle as reality stars on a new show, L.A. Candy. The life as stars starts out amazing. Turns out, it wasn’t as fabulous as the girls thought it would be. The author, Lauren Conrad, actually wrote this about her previous experiences on Laguna Beach, a reality series. The plot of this is a very interesting twist! It would be something that you never thought would happen.
Scarlett and Jane move to the Los Angeles, California. Scarlett goes for education. Jane works for a famous planner. What they didn’t know, they had potential to be reality superstars. While in a club, the girls get discovered. Jane and Scarlett meet the others that star in the reality series, Madison and Gaby. Jane gets the spotlight of the show.
This book is my absolute favorite. This book is perfect for teenage girls because of the drama and hilarious moments. This book is filled with A LOT of drama. There are two more books to series. (Just letting you know in case you get hooked!) If you read the first one, you have to read the rest of the series. A twist at the end of L.A. Candy will blow you mind! The characters in this book are very relatable to normal people that actually exist.
This is a very interesting book. If you love teenage girl drama novels, you have to read this fantastic book. L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad is a fantastic book that needs to be noticed more than it is now. It is very interesting and enjoyable. The twist at the end will make you beg for more! I recommend this amazing novel.

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