Tales of Despereaux by Kate Decamillo

December 16, 2010
By Anonymous

Have you ever read a book with a mouse that has big ears? If you did stop reading this, if you did then keep reading. The book started off with a mouse being born with big ears and born with his eyes open. That mouse’s name is Despereaux his parents think he was a disappointment, because he has those things wrong with him. I think his big ears are a big advantage because he can heat stuff from far away.

Despereaux was a curios mouse that leads him to one of his mistakes. Like when he heard music then he started to look for the music he thought was amazing. What he found was the king and the princess named pea singing. He never heard such good voice he wanted to go closer and closer. Until he was found by the princess and the king thought he was a mouse. Then I princess touched the mice until the king freaked out and to the princess to never speak or touch another rat.

Then Despereaux ran back to the others but then later went to the mouse council. Because there are strict rules the No mouse is allowed to touch or speak to humans. Then if found guilty he will be sent to the dungeon with the rats. Despereaux was dragged by his auntie to the mouse council, then man were saying “To the dungeon”, and “Dungeon” over and over.

Despereaux was found guilty so he was sentenced to dungeon and not allowed to come back. When Despereaux was sent to the dungeon he found a man, the man was a prisoner. He was scared that he would die and with the nasty old man. With no food or water and no protection but a sewing needle. Then I thought the old man would trick Despereaux to helping him escape. But then Despereaux wanted to tell a story to the old man named Gregory then Gregory got interested in to it.

But then the book goes backwards in time when a rat named Chiaroscuro and called Roscuro, he was born in the dark dungeon a couple year before Derpereaux was born upstairs in the light. But Roscuro loved the light, like when someone light a match in front of him and how a soldier opened the door to the outside and light came in.
Roscuro didn’t cover his eye or anything he thought the light was beautiful unlike other rats they cowered away from it. At that point I thought he should have been a mouse instead of a rat. But until Roscuro went to the king and queen and fell in the soup and scared the queen to death.

Then when Roscuro was looking at the princess he saw disgust and anger in her eyes. Then Roscuro’s heart was now broken in billions of pieces. Roscuro wanted revenge for that he wanted to kill the princess. He found a girl and convinced her to work for him to kill the princess. He didn’t kill the pZnyrincess which indeed was a relief for sure I thought she was going to die.

Then the book changes again to Despereaux when he is going to the throne room and the king wasn’t there but the princess was so he made his way to her. Then he saw his dad and his dad was so happy to see him. His dad had gray hair but Despereaux was only gone for a few day and his dad felt like years instead. But everyone thought he was died and his dad ask Despereaux for forgiveness but the head mouse told him “No. Do not ask the ghost to forgive you.”. I thought it was a touching moment but at the time Despereaux should have just walked away just when his dadm , asked him for forgiveness.

Then the book goes backwards in time again but in Mig perspective. Mig is the girl who got manipulated but Roscuro to kill pea. She was named after her father’s favorite pig, when she was six years old she held her mother’s hand and looked directly at them. Then she died right in front of her. Her mother left her with her father who sold he for a hand full of cigarettes. At that time I thought the father was a cold hearted man. She was now a castle servant, as years pasted scrubbing the kettle and taking care of the sheep and cleaning the hut and collecting innumerable, uncountable, extremely painful clouts to the ear.

Then a soldier asked her if she had any parents but then she said no mother and I haven’t seen my father since he sold me. I thought the whole book has some touching book with some hate, love, and it had some more perspective than I thought it would. But overall id rate this out of ten is a good nine.

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