Go Ask Alice by Anonymous

December 16, 2010
By Anonymous

She poured her heart onto the pages of her journal. The secrets she shared were told to no one, but her journal. I believe that the anonymously written; Go Ask Alice is a well written book, and is now one of my favorites. Her experiences of being a young, teenage girl, is one that nobody goes through. Go Ask Alice is a thrilling book, and reading it is like going through the troubles and challenges with her. In her world of addiction...

Out of all the books I have read, Go Ask Alice is on my list of favorites. The life this young, teenager goes through just amazes me, because she starts in the world of drugs, and once she gets into the addiction... she has no way to get out. I think it is pretty crazy that we are close to the same age, but there are tons of differences between our lives. Most of the time when I was reading this book I was in shock by the things that she goes through. This book is one of my favorites because I've never read anything like it, yet it is all true.

What I love about this book is that the whole time, it's a teenage girl's life that we are reading about. That is what surprises me when I read this. This book is about an anonymous girl writing in her journal, telling it anything and everything that goes on in her life. While you read it you read through her teenage life in the world of drugs. It also takes you through her journeys and troubles that are absolutely amazing. Then the ending... is something you won't forget.

I think that the writing style in Go Ask Alice is fairly good. There is pretty good pretty well description to set the scene. Also I think that the writing in the book is a better read for teenagers, because it is a teenager actually writing this. When I was reading this book I noticed that it was

I totally recommend this book. Go Ask Alice I think would be a great book for mature teenagers to read, because it is about a teenage girl. It would be a great book for teens to read because it will show them that drugs are not a path you want to take. It shows great lessons and it gives great examples of what might happen when you do drugs. It will teach them that doing drugs is something to stay away from.

Overall I think that Go Ask Alice is a pretty good book. From the life lessons, to the big suspense, it was a really interesting book to read. This book has changed me and had me realize that I need to be responsible for my own actions. The life of addiction... is something I will never go through. Go Ask Alice is a life changing book, that will change your perspective of different things.

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