Tears of A Tiger by Sharon M. Draper

December 16, 2010
By Anonymous

Let me ask you a question, how would you feel if you just got in a car crash and you were driving drunk? My next one is what would you do if you killed someone in that crash and you did everything you could, but you couldn’t save him or her? That is exactly how Andy felt for killing his best friend Robert. The book Tears of a Tiger is all about this and what Andy goes through.

It all started with Andy, and his friends just won a big basketball game and they thought about to go out and drink. Well that wasn’t the smartest of ideas because one of their best friend got killed from the car accident that they got into with a wall. After this moment Andy has the problems of his life, he has to deal with all of his life problems of knowing he killed someone. Without knowing what people are going to think about him he just takes advantage of himself and try’s to tell himself every day “I did this and nobody can tell me otherwise.” Everybody at school and his friends are trying to get him back in his own mojo.

With all of this stuff that is going on in his life, it is going to keep on adding and adding and adding up. The one person who is not really supportive is his father. His father is never there for him and he doesn’t ever go to his basketball games. Well know that were on the topic of basketball, Andy when Rob died he had to take over his position. Andy was nervous because he looked out into the crowd and no parents but Robs parents were still going so it made him even more scared then he felt before. Andy at the end of that game it was all tied up and Andy has never made a Three pointer in his life, but he did it and he is a big person almost as big as rob. His is a big man and he made a three pointer at the buzzer.

He started to go see a person to help with his moods and his actions. He would go there every week to go talk about what was going on at school and what his problems were with dealing with Rob’s death. Well it became the end of sections, and the shrink told him if he needed any extra help that he would be welcome to have him again. After he stopped going to his sections then everything started to get horrible. When he was things were starting to get a little better and he was starting to forgive himself but no. He started to get these pumps of mad energy that he would unleash against teachers and his loved one around him. His girlfriend Keisha was kind of tired of it so they broke up.

After this all before something happened he sent Rob’s family a letter that was telling them all about what was going on. He didn’t do it in person cause he didn’t know what their reaction was going to be like.

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