Go Ask Alice by Anonymous

December 15, 2010
By Bearnshaw BRONZE, Unalaska, Alaska
Bearnshaw BRONZE, Unalaska, Alaska
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Pot, coke canine, and cigarettes are examples of some drugs that an ordinary 15 year old girl uses to turn her life upside down. Her first use of drugs was when she went to a party with some of her friends. They were talking and hanging around when they started playing a game where there would be acid in someone’s drink. Then they would drink the sodas and see who had the acid by looking at the persons face by the kick of the drug. It ended up that this average girl made the dumbest mistake of her life by using drugs which she regrets ever since. She describes it to be the best feeling she had ever had. Also that it was the best thing she had ever experienced and that she wanted to take it every day.

She stopped using drugs for a while which made her do better things like opening up a store with her friend Joey because Joey and her thought it would be a good way making money. She was still craving drugs so she asked her friend Joey if he could hook her up with some drugs. The next day after work he brought the drugs and gave it to her. The drug was pot, and since it was her first time trying pot, she was kind of excited but a little scared what will happen next. She was addicted to drugs again, feeling so gray and so down upon herself. She felt so horrible and couldn’t really stay focus because the drugs had taken over her.

A couple of months later she was using drugs again, out of her house, out of school going place to place, city to city, and state to state. She first went to Cisco Bay, Oregon with some of her friends and walked there hitch hiking cars down to give them a ride as far as they can go until they have to go a different direction. Once she got to Cisco Bay, Oregon, she split up with her friends and found a whole bunch of others like her. They were smoking drugs every day. A couple of days later she couldn’t find anywhere to sleep at so she bunch up in a ball and fell asleep under a bench. She was to cold and wondered off to a church where this maintenance guy gave her a blanket and a pillow to follow a sleep on the benches in the church. She felt so dirty and disgusted. So the next day the father gave her a new pair of close and told her to get herself clean.

In a couple of days after she got all cleaned up she went to San Francisco and stayed there for a couple of days, then left to her parents house. She came thought the front door and went into her room. She talked to her parents for a while about where she went to. Her parents sent her off to a school where you sleep, eat, and stay in for a couple of months. She hates the place and desperately wanted to get out of there. She had no choice but to stay there. The months went on and as soon as she got out of that place she hated drugs and never wanted to do drugs again.

She continued using drugs after she was at her parents’ house and stopped recording in her diary. Three weeks later she had die to an unknown death still a mystery and undecided what had really happen in those three weeks.

I think that this book was a really good book because it is a real teenager not an adult writer from New York Times or anything which makes this book really exciting and adventures. I think if I would rate this book I would rate it a 9.3/10* because it was real and not fake. Also I would rate this book a 9.3 because this book is adventures how real people who do drugs kind of go through the same story which is that they are sleeping under benches wishing that they haven’t done drugs. The reason why this book was not a ten because in the back of the book it basically tells a whole bunch of information of the story. Also because it didn’t use the real names of the people were actually in the story. Overall I thought this book was a great book and I recommended it to anybody who likes excitement, adventures, and mysterious in their books.

The author's comments:
This peice was for an english assignment i hope you like it :)

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