Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Riddley Peirson

December 15, 2010
By JujuBeanie101 BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
JujuBeanie101 BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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This book is an amazing example of adventure and belonging.
It starts with a boy named Peter and his four friends, James, Prentis, Thomas, and Tubby Ted, who are all orphans, are being shipped away to Rundoon. The ship they are going on, the Never Land, doesn't seem a very sturdy ship. Peter plans on running away, but he meets a girl named Molly who changes his mind. Once, while Peter is sneeking around, trying to find some better food, he finds an old trunk. Strange things happen because of the trunk, like making a rat fly! Molly knows the secret of this trunk, so she tells Peter, against her will, that the trunk is full of what she calls star stuff. It's a star that fell from the heavens that has extrodinary powers, that, if in the wrong hands, can be used in terrible ways. When Molly, Peter, the four boys and an old ship mate get stranded on an island, they loose the trunk and have to get it back before pirates or savages from the island do. All the while, Peter finds himself attached to the island and the people who inhabbit it. By the end of the book, he finds a place he can call home.
This book demonstrates Peter's longing to belong to someone or some place. The authors did a great job of surprising you when you least expect it. Like when James and his friends get sepparated in the jungle, you would never suspect James to look up and see two savages that had been following him all the way. I loved this book and I would deffinately suggest it for others who like fiction or fantasy.

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